Roastcosy is the latest 'must have' kitchen gadget to relax & rest your Sunday roast without losing heat.
Made of high quality stainless steel & flexible chainmail it can be applied before or after cooking.

More about your Roastcosy ...

Measuring 40cm x 40cm Roastcosy covers the largest chicken or family size roast joint.

Great alternative to tinfoil.

Roastcosy can be used during or after cooking.

Ideal for cooking meats, chicken or fish.

Can be used for barbecuing steaks & prawns.

Reduces Moisture Loss ...

Retains natural juices and enhances flavours.

Maintains texture and shape for perfect carving.

Environmentally Friendly ...

Roastcosy is a reusable whole of lifetime product.

Retains heat during the resting process...

Stays warm allowing your roast to rest & relax without losing its heat.

Innovative ...

Roastcosy a new & unique product was a quarter finalist in this year's John Logie Baird Innovation Awards.

Lifetime guarantee ...

Roastcosy is dishwasher proof, easy-clean and reduces fat spit and spray in oven interiors.